Asset Management


We work with each client to develop a custom asset management solution that can help you reach your financial goals. We offer a wide range of investment options ranging from brokerage services to investment advisory services.

By primarily working with fee-based accounts, we can place the advisor and client 'on the same side of the table'. Collaboration at Keyes & Associates has been a key driver in our investment decision-making process. We value the support and resources provided by Lincoln Financial Advisors as well as independent trusted partner relationships that we have cultivated.

Our philosophy is built of both active and passive investment strategies as well as careful fund manager selection. Mutual Funds, ETFS, Annuities, Equities, Fixed Income, and Alternative Investments are considered at a client level. We work closely with our clients to develop an asset allocation strategy that is designed to meet their overall needs and wishes.

Asset placement and taxes are important. We coordinate with tax professionals (at the portfolio and client level) to ensure the strategy is consistent with the individual's situation. Also, we look at the various options available such as workplace retirement savings, pre-tax, Roth, and non-retirement investment solutions.




The chart below describes our investment implementation and review process.